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"Nikifor" Jsc specializes in the supply of high quality petroleum products. We are a modern company, which has the ability to fully meet the needs of the customer, due to the specifics and characteristics of its activities.

     For shipping companies, we offer the supply of ship low-viscosity fuel (or SMT), used in marine diesel engines operating at medium and high speed, and gas turbine installations. This type of fuel can also be used in diesel burners instead of diesel fuel.

    CMT fuel is produced from diesel fractions when light gas oils of secondary origin are added. From diesel fuel, SMT is distinguished by a high sulfur content at a lower cetane number. Among the components of this type of fuel are vacuum and atmospheric distillates, as well as light and heavy gas oils, which are products of secondary origin.

   We offer marine low-viscosity fuel.

    Our company is ready to provide shipping companies of river, sea and fishing fleets with the necessary amount of fuel in accordance with supply contracts or applications.

    We strive for stable mutually beneficial cooperation and provide only high-quality products at prices that favorably distinguish us from other similar companies in this segment of the market.

  We work professionally, strictly controlling each stage, so fuel supplies are carried out in strict accordance with the schedules.

  You will be able to appreciate all the benefits and benefits of cooperation with us, using the services of our company.