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   Diesel fuel (solar oil) for its boiler room, heating system at home, for a country cottage and cottage, diesel generator and other facilities;
    Diesel fuel, both winter and summer, by wholesale and small lots for organizations and construction sites located in Moscow and the Moscow region;
    Petroleum products for filling stations and trucking enterprises.

At the same time we carry out transportation and delivery of diesel fuel around the clock and without days off. In our company there is a flexible system of discounts for the products.

We are interested in long-term mutually beneficial relations with organizations that need regular supplies of high-quality diesel fuel and gasoline. Our company has undeniable advantages in comparison with other firms that specialize in selling fuel. This is due to many factors, including:

    High quality of all supplied products;
    Great opportunities and resources enabling timely, clear and high-quality servicing of our customers;
    Optimal conditions for cooperation, which we are ready to offer our customers, allowing them to buy diesel fuel under attractive conditions;

In addition, our company has a developed infrastructure, and compares favorably with other similar organizations with a high level of service, organization, responsibility and professionalism of the staff.

We constantly monitor all the working moments that are associated with the fulfillment of commitments. Therefore, you do not need to wait for the next deliveries or to remind you of your order. Due to the clarity and coherence of the work of our specialists, you can not be distracted from your affairs to solve organizational problems with the supply of diesel fuel and gasoline.

We supply high-quality diesel fuel for our customers with a price, which is optimal, because we cooperate with the leading refineries in Russia.

Our organization offers mutually beneficial cooperation to motor transport companies, regardless of their type and firms that specialize in maintenance of special equipment. Thanks to the availability of our own newest transport, we keep the lowest possible prices for the supplied fuel and deliver goods on time.

And an individual approach to each of our clients, allowing to take into account the specifics of the activities of each organization, provides for you the most beneficial and convenient terms of cooperation.

The basis of our strategy is a stable and long-term cooperation with the constant growth and development of supplies. That allows to receive to our clients doubtless benefits from long-term cooperation.