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 "Nikifor" Jsc supplies jet fuel for aviation companies. We offer aviation kerosene TS-1 of different grades, used for civil aviation aircraft.

    Aviation kerosene is used in aviation not only as a fuel, but also for lubricating parts in fuel systems. In this regard, the necessary requirements for aviation kerosene are good anti-wear, thermooxidative stability, high specific heat of combustion, and also low-temperature properties.

    Aviation kerosene is a light diesel fuel obtained by processing oil with a high degree of purification from sulfur and hydrocarbons, necessary for the operation of aircraft engines.

    Aviation kerosene TS - 1 is currently the most used type of hydrocarbon fuel. It is characterized by high heat and full combustion, good volatility, it is not prone to deposits, it is well combined with materials and has antistatic and anti-wear properties.

    Aviakerosin TS-1 in its operational and physical and chemical parameters exactly corresponds to the necessary standards and requirements.

 Aviation kerosene in Russia is produced by the largest oil refining companies, such as Lukoil, Gazpromneft and some others, which have long and reliably proven themselves in the market.

    In general, the cost of aviation kerosene depends on the price of oil, including the cost of deep processing. Thanks to direct cooperation of our company with manufacturers, we have the opportunity to create the most favorable conditions for our customers, based on flexible pricing policy, rapid processing of applications, accurate and timely delivery.

    We value our reputation and the trust of our customers and work in your interests.