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TANK FARM  "Nikifor" JSC

The oil terminal belongs to JSC Nikifor. The technical construction of "nikifor" for today has no analogues. This pipeline system is used to transport light oil products.

The main distinguishing feature of the tank farm is the possibility of separate transportation and storage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel. With this approach, the mixture formation is significantly reduced, which allows maintaining high quality of the transported fuel. At the station, all production processes are automated. The enterprise releases up to 6 thousand tons of fuel per day. Here, diesel fuel is sold continuously, due to the fact that the demand for this type of product is quite high. Petroleum products to the tank farm come from many refineries specializing in oil refining

The reservoir park "Nikifor" boasts a total volume of 300 thousand m3. In addition to fuel tanks, the station has tanks for fuel oil, a mixture of petroleum products, water. The oil-product pipelines connect the largest regional airports and loading stations with the tank farm.

The annual turnover of "Nikifor" is about 4 million tons of oil products. The station is the largest pipeline transport hub.

 Thanks to the fact that Fuel Company "Nikifor" managed to establish direct cooperation, our company provides 24-hour operational shipment of gasoline EURO-5 and diesel fuel. At the same time, the competitive cost of diesel fuel can not but please our regular customers!

      Address: 625000, Tyumen Region, Tyumen, ul. 8 Marta
Nikifor JSC

Schedule: 24 hours a day (7 days a week)